CNC Laser Cutting

No one in the area has more experience with laser cutting than us.

We help OEMs in all types of industries to innovate and create superior products using the best laser cutting equipment out there. Laser cutting offers higher precision and the ability to cut complex shapes.


Our Laser Cutting Capabilities

Our laser cutting machines can cut thicker materials that other laser cutters simply can't.


Up To 1" Of Carbon Steel

Up To 5/8” Stainless Steel

Up To 3/8” Aluminum


Our Laser Cutting Equipment




The FOM2 NT laser represents the third generation of AMADA's proven FO series that was introduced in 1999. The FOM2 combines features available on the FO series of lasers as well as some of the leading-edge technology available on AMADA's F1 linear drive systems. Equipped with a solid-cast frame, water assisted cutting, and a high-precision motion system, the FOM2 boasts new features such as automatic nozzle changer, cut process monitoring and auto-pierce detection.


Amada FO 3015 M2 NT specs and capabilities


FOM2 3015 Features

  • Maximize utilization with minimal setup between jobs
  • High speed processing of thin and thick materials
  • Operator-friendly windows-based network compatible control
  • Performance-proven rack and pinion drive system in the X-axis and high-precision ball screws in the Y and Z axis
  • High-speed shuttle table design improves overall machine utilization by externalizing the material setup process
  • Cast iron frame for superior stability
  • Water Assisted Cutting System (WACS™) uses an adjustable water mist to absorb heat generated by the cutting process
  • Cut Process Monitoring for automatic pierce detection as well as plasma detection for thick stainless steel and aluminum
  • SFP (Spatter Free Pierce) function for cleaner high-speed piercing in thicker material
  • Interlocked enclosure surrounds cutting area to ensure safety
  • AMADA/FANUC RF excited resonator provides unmatched performance and reliability

Amada Pulsar LC2415 specs and capabilities

X-Axis Travel 99"
Y-Axis Travel 61"
Z-Axis Travel 11.8"
Maximum Sheet Size (One Reposition) 61" X 198"
Maximum Thickness (Carbon Steel) .5"
Maximum Thickness (Stainless) .375"
Maximum Thickness (Aluminum) .250"
Maximum Positioning Speed 3,150 IPM
Work Chute 69" x 22"
Positioning Accuracy +/- .0004"

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