Engineering + Design

We believe the best designs are the product of communication and collaboration. Our design and engineering team will collaborate with you to assure that your vision comes to life and that the final product performs exactly as intended.


Taking The Unknowns Out Of The Process.

DSM offers Design for Manufacturing (DFM), which we believe is an integral part of successful projects. The premise of DFM is to design with manufacturing in mind to assure that any given design detail will work as envisioned once it’s produced. DFM provides a holistic view of manufacturing that offers many benefits.


Avoiding costly problems and surprises

Increased efficiency and quality

Reduced material and labor costs

The ability to see potential problems before assembly stage

Reduced manufacturing time

Striving for continual improvement

We work with your existing design, but we also work with clients to improve designs for better manufacturability.

We believe in striving for continual improvement—if we can make something better, we do. Our clients often find that our expertise leads to cost-saving solutions and better quality products. With us, you can expect added value.


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